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Celica suspension bushes, st205, st185, gt4GT4 Suspension are made to take full advantage of the special characteristics of polyurethane - its durability, and exceptional friction-absorbing capability - not hitherto attainable with rubber.

Critical crush, pre-load, and location factors are calculated to achieve positive, responsive driver feedback which complements a vehicle's roadholding capability - coupled with ride refinement. Firmness ranges between 75 and 80Shore-A, to best suit the individual application. Sophisticated casting techniques maintain the consistency and accuracy that put GT4 Suspension bushes - and the resultant quality of handling that you'll experience - in a class of their own.

GT4 Suspension polyurethane bushes have a firm rubber-like resilience you can actually feel. They embody the best features of rubber (the elimination of noise, vibration, and harshness) while still retaining the toughness and durability of plastic or metal. Resilience is the secret and the real benefit. GT4 Suspensions are very different from the inferior injection-moulded bushes of limited resilience that others, from time to time, have attempted to market.
GT4 Suspensions bushes are inherently resistant to deterioration and swelling, even when in regular contact with oil, greases, waxes, and most other chemicals. So they will never perish.
GT4 Suspension polyurethane bushes will not roll and peel away like rubber.
GT4 Suspension bushes have the exceptional ability to perform in extreme temperatures, as high as 130°C and as low as minus 60°C.

GT4 Suspension bushes are designed to give improved location at pivot points, helping to stabilise suspension geometry during cornering, braking and acceleration. GT4 Suspension bushes are designed with substantial side location shoulders which eliminate any axial displacement problems. GT4 Suspension bushes have a hardness range of 75-80 Shore-A, this significantly improves location, with little or no sacrifice of ride comfort.

In racing, where rules allow, and even on the road, bushes with virtually no compliance (such as hard nylatron, needle roller, or rose joints) have been used. This practice can cause serious loss of refinement due to noise transmission into the car, not to mention the extra stress it places on the other components. Even a slight impact might result in a broken or bent suspension arm. GT4 Suspension bushes are a much safer alternative, giving good location, and a degree of protective compliance on impact. In fact, many advantages without the disadvantages. GT4 Suspensions bushes will accommodate wider variations in the production tolerances of the original suspension bush housing than hard nylatron, and require no machining after fitting.

GT4 Suspension bushes carry 5 YEARS warranty from date of purchase.

By replacing your old car rubber bushes with our polyurethane bushes you will have:
- increased road holding
- better performance
- long life of suspension elements
- increased tyre life
- increased steering response

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